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I am a resourceful and dependable individual with a strong commitment to acquiring new skills and enhancing team performance. I have an aptitude for quickly picking up new technologies and bring with me transferable knowledge of programs such as Blender, Procreate and the Adobe Suite. With a strong understanding of hierarchy and discipline I can work under pressure to effectively prioritise my workload to deliver high quality results that meet specific deadlines. Additionally, I have four years of experience as an e-commerce content creator, further contributing to my ability to deliver exceptional work.




Universitv of the Creative Arts | Rochester | Graded 2:1

During my three years at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) I completed a variety of modules that have significantly improved my experience and skills in 3D graphic design and animation. I can successfully go through the entire cycle of making a 2D or 3D film, from design, modelling, rigging and animating my own characters and sets. I am fluent in the use of Maya and Mudbox, which I used extensively during my studies. In the 'Covid-19 lockdown' I have been completing self- directed study to augment my skillset by learning the fundamentals of ZBrush. I have eight years of experience and expert skills in using the Adobe Suite, these are transferrable skills allowing me to use similar programs such as Affinity Designer and Krita. One of my biggest accomplishments while at UCA was to be hand-picked to attend the New Designers show. I was one of six in a class of fifty to attend the show and highlight my own work as well as the university as a whole. From many entrants from universities all over the country my animation was selected for the Screening Awards at the show, after judging I was honoured to achieve 3rd place in the overall awards.



Universitv of the Creative Arts | Rochester | Graded PASSED

The Foundation Dearee was an extensive introduction to the subiect of animation and creative arts. We kept daily diaries of our work for referral and reviews covering two-week blocks of all the different subiects. The Foundation Dearee confirmed mv decision and desir udv arabhic desian and animation arts as ar undergraduate and to base my tuture career in this interesting ana challenging tield



Trinitv School Belvedere | Kent


Product Design, Photography and Graphic Art



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